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School Board

The role of School Board is one of setting the long-term future for the school and maintaining oversight of the implementation of the school's strategic Business Plan. It is not about running the school but rather about providing additional expertise to help the school achieve the best outcomes for all students. The School Board is comprised of the School Principal, elected parent and teacher representatives as well as appointed community members.

Further details about the School Board are outlined in the documents below:

If you wish to discuss any board related issues, please contact the board chair Russell Kingdom -

School Board Meeting Dates for 2018

  • Thursday 22 February 
  • Thursday 5 April
  • Tuesday 22 May
  • Thursday 21 June
  • Tuesday 7 August
  • Thursday 6 September
  • Tuesday 30 October
  • Thursday 29 November

** Please note: dates may change

Russell Kingdom - Chair
Parent Representative 2018 - 2020

Russell Kingdom

I have served one term on the School Board and feel that I can contribute strongly to the governance of our wonderful school. I have recently been elected as Chair by the Board and seek re-appointment by the school community as a parent representative so that I may take up the challenges of this role. Tanya Sim, the outgoing Chair, has left big shoes to fill. I intend to approach the job with an unwavering commitment to keeping the Board functioning to the best of our collective abilities. I will maintain a strategic focus on the school’s vision, business plan, and any area we might need to put in extra effort.  I look forward to working with our Principal, Stephen Ivey and the rest of the Board to continue to serve the school.

Trained as an architect, I have been involved in a wide range of public projects in Perth for over 20 years. I am currently the Project Director for the Kings Square redevelopment in Fremantle, responsible for the strategic planning, design, governance and delivery of the project.

I have two children at Highgate, Ollie in year 5 and Ned in year 1. We live within a short walk, or bike ride, from the school. My wife Helen is also active in the school. As a family, we are fully committed to Highgate Primary and to continuing with our active participation in the school community.

Emily Morgan
Parent Representative 2018 - 2020

Emily Morgan

Emily has been an active member of the school community since 2010.  She has a daughter in Year 4 and a son in Year 6 and has been involved at HPS as an interested parent, P&C member and close neighbour. Emily has a strong connection with the Highgate Primary School community and is keen to contribute to the duties of the school board as a parent representative.

Emily is an experienced speech pathologist and works in the Child Development Service in a management and clinical capacity.  She has brought a collaborative approach to her work on the P&C and is keen to build on that foundation on the school board.  At the heart of her nomination is her passion for child development and a nurturing school environment.

Jan West
Teacher Representative 2015 - 2018

Jan West

My name is Jan West and I have worked at Highgate Primary for 13 years in various roles across mainstream and in the Intensive English Centre. In addition, I have worked as an early childhood visiting teacher at Swan District Office, an English as an Additional Language/Dialect Consultant (EAL/D) at the Education Department and twice as a parent representative on the school council and P&C at Newborough Primary School. Through these varied roles I have gained valuable knowledge, skills and understandings from the classroom level through to whole system policies and procedures which I believe enables me to effectively represent staff as a member of the school board. As Highgate enters a new phase in its long history, I welcome the opportunity to work with other staff, parents and the community to build teacher capacity, continue to improve facilities and provide all students the opportunity to achieve their potential.

Danika Smith
Teacher Representative 2015 - 2018

My name is Danika Smith and I have taught at Highgate Primary School in mainstream and Intensive English Centre classes since 2006. I have also taught in rural WA schools and overseas in the United Kingdom. From this range of experiences I have developed my skills, knowledge and understandings around best teaching practice which I share with my colleagues to enhance the learning outcomes for all students at Highgate Primary School. As a teacher representative, I am looking forward to working collaboratively with the School Board to set, work towards and realise the goals and vision for our unique and wonderful school.

Matthew Benter
Parent Representative 2015 - 2018

Matthew Benter

When my son joined Highgate Primary School at the start of grade 1, our family was immediately impressed by the inclusive, welcoming and positive nature of the school. Much of the success was clearly attributable to the high level of interest and participation in the school community by staff, parents and other stakeholders. I felt privileged to join the School Board when the opportunity arose in late 2015.
I have been a lawyer for over 20 years, with broad experience in both dispute resolution and commercial contracting. As a member of the School Board, I seek at all times to apply my knowledge and experience to assist in the Board's critical strategic functions.