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Travelling to School

Bikes, scooter and skateboards

Bike racks are provided at the school for children riding bikes or scooters. These are located outside Lewis House, between Lewis 7 and Lewis 1 (near the main entrance).

Bike Racks

Students must wear a helmet and walk their bike or scooter in and out of the school grounds and it is suggested that they provide themselves with an efficient bike-locking device.

Bikes or scooters cannot be stored in classes or learning blocks.

Any student who ignores these rules will not be permitted to bring their bike or scooter to school.


Parents are NOT permitted to use the Staff Carpark for picking up/setting down children.

Parents who are delivering children to school should use designated parking areas around the school or the 'Kiss and Drive'.

Kiss and Drive

Please obey all parking signs on roads or risk incurring a traffic fine. Please do not park in clearly marked designated bays.


In the interest of children’s health and safety dogs are NOT permitted on the school site.