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Friendship - Respect - Success

Vision & Values

Vision Statement

At Highgate Primary School:

We are a community built upon our three key values of:

• the worth of true Friendship;
• the attitude of Respect to connect us; and
• the pursuit of Success for all.

We are centred in the city and we are connected to the world. Our inner Perth location draws families from all nations and experiences. Our many cultures promote a “one-world” attitude where students share their stories, knowledge and understandings. We nurture an environment of genuine inclusion and equity and promote a school connection with our wider community.

Growing competence and character in our students is central to their success. We believe all students can succeed and, as a community, we share responsibility for ensuring that success. We want our students to become skilled, openhearted learners for life.

We believe educational competence is more than just academic ability. We provide students with a holistic, well-rounded education. Our rigorous curriculum develops excellent literacy and numeracy skills, builds ability to problem-solve and fosters skilled communication. Our range of specialist subjects and versatile co-curricular program reflects our commitment to meeting all students’ needs and provides opportunities for creativity, exploration and investigation.

We believe building character is essential to a good education. We promote social and emotional development to build well rounded, resilient students with a desire to become life-long learners.  We support students to develop a growth mindset, build courage in themselves, place trust in others and show compassion in their community. We encourage them to set goals, make good choices, take risks, learn from mistakes and develop a sense of self-worth. We inspire students to encounter others with consideration and kindness, to understand and celebrate differences and to approach their world with an open attitude of curiosity and inquiry.

Our students are always at the heart of our work. Our students guide our teaching, learning and resource decisions.  Given our complex demographic, we recognise that ‘fair is not always equal’. We focus carefully on ensuring that teaching is differentiated and decisions are evidence-based and contextually just to our students and their families.

As a community, we share responsibility for each student’s education and care. We know that strong family-school partnerships enhance student learning. We continually communicate and nurture an environment of mutual trust. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to play an active role in supporting the teachers and the school, enriching the opportunities for all students.

We encourage each other to go “above and beyond”. We are a community of active learners and we have a culture of high expectation and achievement. We believe that excellence comes through the persistent pursuit of our personal best. We are committed to continuously improving and getting better at what we do.

We listen to and learn from each other. There is a culture of strong collaboration among the staff with knowledge and resources shared generously in pursuit of the best outcomes for all students. Staff are innovative and open to change. They review and reflect in order to improve practice in line with contemporary educational research.

We understand our impact. We know that every member of our school community makes a difference: we all own, affect and contribute to our school’s culture.

We have a culture of fun and joy. We understand that real learning happens when students love coming to school, are motivated and engaged, and have a strong sense of belonging.  We create a vibrant, safe, happy, educational environment where learning and laughter go hand-in-hand. We create an atmosphere for each other in which good humour, care and alertness to the wellbeing of each person is evident, natural and is continually modelled by staff.

We belong. Diversity, understanding and acceptance characterise our school. We celebrate our differences. We are inclusive, generous in our care and compassionate towards each other. We nurture acceptance in our students and confidence in their abilities as learners, as people and as citizens of the global community.  We have an eye on the future as we prepare children to meet the world beyond our boundaries.


Core Values

The three core values of Highgate Primary School are:

1. Friendship
2. Respect
3. Success