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General Information


For students, school begins at 8:40am and concludes at 2:55pm.

For your convenience students are supervised in the undercover area from 8:15am each day. Access to the class is at 8:30am to allow students to prepare for the day without stress or concern. The learning program begins at 8:40am for all students Kindergarten to Year 6. It is your responsibility as a parent and in your child’s best interest to arrive on time.

Students should be at school no later than 8:30am. Students arriving after 8:40am must present to the Administration Office to sign in.

Attendance is compulsory for all students in Kindergarten to Year 6. The school is required to record daily attendance and absences.

All absences require an explanation. Please phone, email, SMS 0438 963 172 - text only (please note this number is for absence reporting only) or send a message via Connect, each day your child is absent from school.  Explanations are retained and matched with absences marked on the class electronic roll.  Unexplained absences will be followed up. When students return, please give your child’s teacher a note explaining the absence. 

For safety reasons, children are expected to go home on dismissal at 2:55pm.  We understand that emergencies occur when parent pickup is delayed. Please let us know you will be late so we can inform your child and alleviate unnecessary stress.


The Koolbardi Canteen is organised by the P & C Association and employs a manager.  The canteen is open 5 days a week, Monday to Friday for students in Pre-Primary to Year 6.  A roster of volunteers forms the staff, who assist the manager. For this reason, volunteers are critical – any offer of assistance is very much appreciated.

The preferred method of ordering is via the Flexischools website.  Orders placed via Flexischools need to be in by 9:00am.  Or alternatively, lunch orders are filled in the classroom and sent to the canteen after 8:30am. Filled orders are delivered to classrooms and distributed by teachers.

The children eat as a social group before being dismissed for the break.  The canteen is also open at recess and lunchtimes when additional purchases can be made.  The menu is available on the school website and copies are available in the Administration Office.

The canteen encourages students to make healthy choices and provides foods that contribute significantly to meeting student’s nutritional needs.  A food and drink categorisation system based on ‘Traffic Lights’ is implemented allowing students to more easily choose foods in the green or orange categories.

Highgate PS is a ‘nut aware’ environment. This is in response to the growing number of children presenting with severe allergies – eg. anaphylaxis.

Classes and Groupings

Every effort is made to keep numbers low especially in the critical junior years.  Every effort is also made to place your child in the best educational setting available.

Our school has mainstream classes and Intensive English classes (for newly arrived students who have little or no English).  Access to the Intensive English Program is dependent on the appropriate visa. Support programs are offered for children in English and Mathematics.

Contributions and Charges

School voluntary contribution of $60 per year per child is endorsed by the School Board and applies to all students from Kindergarten to Year 6. All families are encouraged to pay voluntary contributions.  Your contribution extends the school’s capacity to add value to student learning experiences.

Discussion with the principal is always welcome should this cause distress or hardship for any family.

A schedule of Contributions and Charges is published each year and distributed to each family.


A comprehensive newsletter is emailed out electronically. The newsletter is also uploaded to the school website and to connect (via the library tab). Newsletters are our main avenue of communication with you and will keep you informed, and up to date with events and issues. Please contact the Administration Office if you are not receiving one.

For your convenience:

Connect (and Connect Now)

As another means of communication, Highgate Primary School uses Connect.  All school reports will be made available to you via Connect. You can access connect via

You can also download the Connect Now App to be kept up to date with everything that is happening at Highgate PS. The app features events, news, school newsletters, Documents, and push notification alerts direct from the school. You can also use the app to notify us of your child’s absence from school. ‘Connect Now’ is available from iTunes or Google Play.

Crosswalk Attendant

These facilities are provided for your child’s safety at Beaufort Street (corner of Lincoln), William Street (corner of Lincoln) and Bulwer Street (corner of Bulwer Avenue).  Please note that Bulwer Avenue is designated one-way traffic.


We provide an environment that fosters academic excellence.  Our curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 6 aims to cater for the needs of the individual child.  Students will be given every opportunity to reach their full potential, both in their academic and social development.

We teach the Australian Curriculum in English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities & Social Sciences (HASS). We will continue to offer Language other than English (LOTE), Technologies, The Arts and Health and Physical Education.

Our curriculum is innovative and broad. Some offerings include:

  • Intensive English Program (IEC)
  • Mandarin Language (LOTE)
  • Specialist Music Program
  • Instrumental Music Program – classical guitar, rock band, choir
  • External Music Events eg Musical Production
  • Specialist Visual Art Program
  • Specialist Physical Education and Sports Program
  • Interschool Sports
  • Faction Athletics
  • Swimming
  • Gymnastics/Dance
  • Information Technology / Tablets
  • Chess
  • Early Intervention Program
  • Specialist Science Program
  • Environmental Program
  • PEAC (Primary Extension and Challenge programs)
  • TAGS (Talented and Gifted Students programs)
  • SAER (Students at Education Risk program)
  • Mathletics, Reading Eggs and other online programs
  • Debating and Speak Out (public speaking)

Dental Care

Students attending Highgate PS have access to the very best dental care. This high-standard care is because of a long-standing partnership between our school and the University of Western Australia’s School of Dentistry – the Oral Health Centre of Western Australia (OHCWA).

This win-win partnership has been ongoing between Highgate PS and UWA for at least 20 years. The dental care for our students is provided by dentistry students under the direct supervision of some of Western Australia’s most prominent paediatric dentists. More information about OHCWA can be found on their website. OCHWA provides a free bus and driver to transport the students to the Oral Centre. Please note school staff do not accompany students to the dental service.

Individual participation in this dental health program is completely voluntary.

Early Departure from School

If you need to take your child from school during school hours, for any reason, you are requested to report to the school office and sign your child out.


In the case of a personal emergency, please notify the school so that we can assist in making suitable arrangements for your child.  No child will be permitted to leave the school unaccompanied or with a person other than parents or legal guardians unless written permission has been provided to the school.

Please ensure that your contact details - phone numbers, address and emergency contacts are kept up to date.  They will be used in the case of an emergency, accident or sickness at school.


The school holds heritage status. It consists of five main teaching houses;

  • Sandri House
  • Lewis House
  • MacGregor Cottage
  • Roe House
  • Gratwick House

Our Kindergarten program is off-site on Broome Street. Other specialist facilities include a science lab, library, music room, art room, permaculture garden, special purpose-built early childhood centre and undercover area.

Technology is integrated into the teaching and learning program, with computers and interactive technologies in each class and a computer lab in the library.

Health and Safety

Hat Policy

We are all aware of the well-established facts regarding the dangers to children playing in the sun unprotected. All children are required to have a sun-safe hat for all outside activities.  If a child does not have a hat, he/she will be sent to the undercover area in the shade.  No Hat No Play.  Caps are not considered sun safe.

Head Lice

Unfortunately, despite all precautions, head lice infestations do occur in schools. Parents will be advised if their child is found to have head lice.  Children may return to school once treatment has occurred and there are no remaining signs of lice.  A note is sent out to notify parents of a case of lice in the classroom.  Hair that is of shoulder length or longer must be tied up.

Drink bottle

We are aware of how easily children dehydrate at school. All children are asked to have a drink bottle to use, particularly at physical education and sport sessions. Children take their drink bottles into class for their use during the day.

Coldwater fountains are available to the children for filling their water bottles.

Infectious Diseases

Students are required to be absent from school for the duration of any infectious period.  Health Department regulations on the exclusion from school for specific infections may be obtained from the office. 

The following infections require children to be excluded:

  • Chickenpox    
  • Influenza
  • Conjunctivitis               
  • Measles (Measles also require the exclusion of any non-immunised children from school.  Immunisation is strongly recommended.)          
  • Mumps
  • Ringworm        
  • Rubella            
  • School sores                
  • Trachoma         
  • Head Lice


Occasionally children are required to take medication while at school. In accordance with Department of Education policy, parents requiring any medication to be administered to their child at school must complete the necessary forms at the Administration Office.  No medication, of any kind, should be in the child’s possession.


Parents are asked to ensure that all current information regarding allergies is provided promptly to the Administration Office for inclusion in the school records.  Parents are asked to ensure they update their child’s health management plan with the Principal regularly.  Highgate PS is a ‘nut aware’ environment. This is in response to the growing number of children presenting with severe allergies – eg anaphylaxis.

For any serious conditions, such as anaphylaxis or asthma, parents are required to provide an Action Plan prior to commencement at Highgate PS.


Homework is recognised as an important addition to the school program. Homework may range from a few pages of reading to set assignments or completion of work.  The key to successful homework is parent interest and support.  Parents are encouraged to contact the school should homework ever cause concern.

Please refer to our Homework Policy.  It has recently been updated and endorsed by the School Board.

Intensive English Centre (IEC)

The school provides an Intensive English Centre for children who speak a language other than English and require additional support to access the Western Australian Curriculum Outline while developing Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening skills.  Enrolment is dependent on the eligible visa and language needs of the student. 

Students are taught by teachers with English as an Additional Language / Dialect qualifications and supported by bilingual ethnic education assistants.  Students who live in other suburbs may be provided free bus transport, dependant on their visa, and are supported to transition into their local school on completion of the program.

Interpreting Service

The school can provide on-site or telephone interpreters on request, to support parents who speak a language other than English.

In-Term Swimming

Details for in-term swimming lessons will be advertised in the newsletter as soon as details become available.  Students in Pre-Primary to Years 6 are expected to participate in these lessons.

Kindergarten and Pre-Primary Programs

Play-based learning is an integral part of both programs. We aim to give students a rich variety of experiences that will help to form a broad basis on which to build their formal learning. The emphasis is to develop all learning areas, but particularly literacy and numeracy skills as well as social, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Our students work in small groups and are involved in learning centres that are designed to develop skills in all curriculum areas. Children learn through watching, listening, interacting and practising as they work toward being able to apply their knowledge, skills and understandings independently.


Our Library Resource Centre has a wide and varied collection of resources to support the educational programs in the school.  Children need a library bag (available from the school Uniform Shop), to borrow items.  A replacement cost is charged for lost or damaged items.

Lost Property

All lost property is stored in marked boxes in the undercover area where parents and children have constant access.  At the end of each term, lost property will be displayed after a morning assembly when parents will have the opportunity to collect lost items. 

To keep lost property to a minimum, please make sure all items of clothing are marked with your child’s name. We ask parents to assist by monitoring the clothes children bring to school. 

Overarching Learning Outcomes

The development of knowledge, skills and values is a lifelong process and occurs in many places besides schools.  The following statements describe the outcomes we believe all students need to attain in order to become lifelong learners, achieve their potential in their personal and working lives and play an active part in civic and economic life. 

  • Students use language to understand, develop and communicate ideas and information and interact with others.
  • Students select, integrate and apply numerical and spatial concepts and techniques.
  • Students recognise when and what information is needed, locate and obtain it from a range of sources and evaluate, use and share it with others.
  • Students select, use and adapt technologies.
  • Students describe and reason about patterns, structures and relationships in order to understand, interpret, justify and make predictions.
  • Students visualise consequences, think laterally, recognise opportunity and potential and are prepared to test options.
  • Students understand and appreciate the physical, biological and technological world and have the knowledge, skills and values to make decisions in relation to it.
  • Students understand their cultural, geographical and historical contexts and have the knowledge, skills and values necessary for active participation in life in Australia.
  • Students interact with people and cultures other than their own and are equipped to contribute to the global community.
  • Students participate in creative activity of their own and understand and engage with the artistic, cultural and intellectual work of others.
  • Students value and implement practices that promote personal growth and wellbeing.
  • Students are self-motivated and confident in their approach to learning and are able to work individually and collaboratively.
  • Students recognise that everyone has the right to feel valued and be safe, and, in this regard, understand their rights and obligations and behave responsibly.

Parent and Citizens Association (P&C)

The P & C Association play a very important part in the life of the school.  Not only does the group raise funds for school equipment and facilities, but organises parental support for various undertakings, provides a forum for parents to raise and discuss ideas and may act as a community group to further the best interests of the school. 

A strong parent group is established in the school and always welcomes new and interested parents.  Meetings are held once a month and advertised in the school newsletter. Please join the Highgate PS P&C Facebook page (HighgatePrimarySchoolPc) for further information.

Parent-Teacher Interviews

We are always keen to speak with you. To make sure meetings are successful, parents are requested to please make appointments for interviews with their child’s teacher, the associate principals or the principal.  This can be done directly with the staff member or through the main office. For Three Way Conferences, you will be invited to make a booking through

Interpreters can assist with this process if required.


Parking is a real issue for the school. Parents are requested to park outside the school grounds.  The staff car park is limited, very congested and dangerous as a pick-up or drop-off point for students. 

Clear access to the car park must be ensured at all times to cater for any emergency situation.

Parking at pick up and drop off time is monitored by the City of Vincent inspectors and parents are advised to adhere to traffic rules and regulations. Please exit the school via the gates to avoid walking through car parks for safety reasons.

We have two designated ‘Kiss and Drive’ zones – one on Lincoln Street and the other is on Bulwer Avenue, for the set down and pick up of students.  Please ensure your children alight from the left side of the vehicle.  Parents/carers must remain in the vehicle.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

The expected behaviour code in our school is based on the premise that all members of our school community have rights and responsibilities.

  • Students have the right to learn.
  • Teachers have the right to teach.
  • All have the right to be in a safe, caring environment.
  • All have the right to be treated with respect.

Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own behaviour by making appropriate choices. Clear expectations and consequences are known.  A comprehensive whole school Behaviour Management in Schools Policy ensures discipline is fair and supported by a solid counselling process.  Early intervention strategies, as well as early parent notification, results in very effective and successful practices.

Highgate Primary School has a ‘no tolerance’ policy for any form of bullying.

Playground Duty

Teachers and education assistants are rostered on duty for each break.  At all times, duty staff wear fluorescent vests and are visible to children in all areas of the school. 

Should children experience difficulties, they are encouraged to communicate this to the duty teacher.   Informing staff about inappropriate or undesirable behaviour is part of the responsibility all children need to accept. All children have the right to a positive, friendly and safe time at school. Student prefects are also available to assist any child.

Reporting to Parents

Parents are invited to contact teachers at any time to discuss student progress. Formal reporting occurs at the end of each semester. A three-way conference involving the child, parents and teacher is held in Term 1. This is always a very valuable opportunity to discuss progress, set goals and aspirations, exchange information, consider opportunities, reassess your child’s development and discuss any issues or concerns. All parents are invited to attend with their child and interpreters can be arranged if required. All school reports are made available via Connect.

School Uniforms

To give the children a sense of belonging and pride in their school, we require students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 to dress within the guidelines of our dress code.  Items may be purchased through the school or online.  The school colours are gold and black. The uniform policy has been set and endorsed by the school board.

More specifically the school dress code is as follows:

  • Gold or black polo shirt for both girls and boys (gold available in long-sleeved also)
  • Black trousers/pants or shorts for both girls and boys - no jeans, no denim
  • Black skirt or skort for girls
  • Black windcheater, sweater or jacket (no brand logos)
  • Joggers or black shoes (suitable flat sandals in summer)
  • Black wide-brimmed hat.
  • Coloured faction t-shirts are for school sports days and are optional for Friday sports.
  • Kindergarten t-shirts (not compulsory)


Long hair must be tied back at all times for health and safety reasons.


Wearing jewellery is strongly discouraged.  Loss is always disappointing.  Jewellery is very often a safety issue in daily student activities.

Uniform Shop

The latest price lists are available from the Administration Office.  A Uniform Shop is managed by volunteer parents and opens twice a week, on Wednesday and Friday from 8:30am to 9:30am.

Uniforms are also available to purchase online. Ordered items will be delivered to your child’s class.

All items of clothing are to be marked with the child’s full name

Children not in uniform - non-compliance:

  • The child is warned by staff.
  • The parent is contacted.
  • The management plan is negotiated with parent.


(Definition of excursion: any exit from school that does not require an overnight stay).

Students must be in uniform on all excursions for easy identification.

Sport – Faction Houses

Family members are placed in the following factions:

BULWER                     BEAUFORT                          LINCOLN

A faction competition operates throughout the school and is a way of rewarding students in the form of faction points.  There are two captains for each faction and students compete in a faction athletics carnival during the year.


Smoking is not permitted anywhere in school buildings or on the grounds.

School Board

Our School Board affirms the importance we place on the necessity for close cooperation between the school, its parents and community in ensuring the best possible educational outcomes for the students.

The functions and powers of the School Board are clearly defined in the Education Act and include:

  • Participation in evaluating, establishing and reviewing from time to time the School’s objectives, promotion and general policy directions and how these are to be funded.
  • Promoting the School in the community.
  • Participating in formulating codes of dress and conduct.

The School Board cannot intervene in the control or management of the school, its funds, staffing or educational instruction of the students.

The School Board Constitution is available from the Principal.


The school is staffed by a team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff.  Specialist staff are provided for Art, Music, Language other than English (Mandarin), Physical Education, Science, Instrumental Music, Intensive English, academic extension and assistance. 

The teaching staff is complemented by a team of very competent education assistants.  All staff and students are supported by an administrative team consisting of a Principal, four Associate Principals, Manager Corporate Services and School Officers. 

A school psychologist and school nurse are also available to further support our students. We have access to outside agencies to further support students and families as required.

Our ground and premises are well maintained by our gardening and cleaning staff.

Student SmartRiders

You may be able to order your Student SmartRider online, visit to find out if your child/ren is eligible. If you are unable to order online please complete this FORM and bring it to our school office to be signed. You will then take the signed form to the Perth Busport to order the SmartRider card.


Bringing toys, games, mobile phones or valuable items (other than for special reasons) is discouraged.  Invariably this results in loss or damage followed by a great deal of upset. 

Mobile phones are not encouraged at school.  In an emergency, parents can contact their child via the Administration Office.  Please refer to the Mobile Phone policy.


The school’s website is It is an important means of communication and promotes Highgate PS globally. From time to time photos of students and parents may be included featuring school activities and programs. Families will be asked to complete a Permission Form on enrolment, allowing their child’s image to be published on the website.