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P & C (Parents & Citizens)

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7pm in the School Library


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P&C Committee for 2019 - 2020

President:  Brian Watt

Vice Presidents: Victoria Keeping

Secretary: Sam Maisey

Treasurer: Gabby Fogliani

Immediate Past President: David Cook



    About the P & C...

    The P&C are the parents and community members of Highgate Primary School and we volunteer our time to build the heart and soul of the school community.

    You are welcome to attend any and all of our P&C Meetings. Its mostly parents but we do have citizens as well.  Being involved with the P&C has many benefits.  Firstly you will become a more integral member of the School Community. People will recognise you, staff will communicate with you, and students will look up to you.

    Being a part of the Highgate Primary School sends a wonderful message to your children. It lets them know that you care about the school where they go. Your volunteer work will help your children take and interest in the community. They will become leaders, and they will become enthusiastic because they'll sense that you have given up your valuable time - and they'll aspire to be like you.

    We also manage the School Uniform Shop and Canteen both of which have volunteering opportunities for parents, carers and community members.

    Our focus is to involve parents and carers on their terms rather than create copious amounts of guilt for working parents and those who just don't like meetings and the whole P&C thing.

    For those of you who would like to get a feel for how we roll, you can come along to a meeting and watch what takes place.

    Most importantly, we only get involved in fundraising projects we enjoy!

    Being involved in the P&C means that you get to find out what's going on for your children.  The more you put in - the more your kids understand the value of being involved in a great community like Highgate.