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Students from Year 3 to Year 6 participate in the Mandarin language program for 45 minutes per week.  Students explore language structures and cultural similarities and differences between China and Australia through a variety of collaborative tasks.  They develop basic conversational skills through role plays, short stories, songs and poems, vocabulary recognition games,  and teacher/student discourse.   
Through their study of the Mandarin language, students at Highgate Primary School develop an understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity in a global society.

Everyday Mandarin - měirì hànyǔ  每日汉语

Counting to 20 in Mandarin

1    一    yī 11    十一    shí yī
2    二    èr 12    十二    shí èr
3    三    sān 13    十三    shí sān
4    四    sì 14    十四    shí sì
5    五    wǔ 15    十五    shí wǔ
6    六    liù 16    十六    shí liù
7    七    qī 17    十七    shí qī
8    八    bā 18    十八    shí bā
9    九    jiǔ 19    十九    shí jiǔ
10    十    shí 20    二十    èr shí


Listen tīng  听
Say shuō  说
Read dú  读
Write xiě  写
Eat chī  吃
Drink hē  喝


Me wǒ  我
We/Us women  我们
You nǐ  你
You (plural) nǐmen  你们
He tā  他
She tā  她
Them/They tāmen  他们
Hello nǐhǎo  你好
Goodbye zàijiàn  再见
Thank you  xièxie  谢谢
You're welcome bù kèqi  不客气
Sorry duìbuqí  对不起
Don't mention it méi guānxi  没关系
Please qǐng  请